Building for the Future

We are proud to announce that a significant investment we’ve made in our future will begin to show itself in 2018.
At our current facility in Downers Grove, IL (USA), we are building a brand new, state-of-the-art 248,000-square-foot manufacturing facility to serve as our new Rexnord Aerospace Headquarters.
With the additional upgraded technology, this new facility will enable us to continue meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers from capacity and lead-time through higher demands on tolerance, size and specification.
Internally, this is known as the Rexnord Aerospace Center of Excellence, as we believe the completed site will showcase our design, development, manufacturing and service and combine these elements for the highest level of efficiency by focusing on:

• Customer Interface

First and foremost, we want to be the best partner for our customers. We are working to simplify the customer experience, bringing in tools and processes for best-in-class customer service and ease of doing business.

• Operational Excellence

A theme that remains top-of-mind during this rebuild, we are heavily investing in new technology and equipment, which, combined with state-of-the-art infrastructure will help enable improved order processing, service levels, and the quality our customers expect.

• Value beyond product

New, modern equipment will enable digital connectivity with products, so customers will have newfound visibility into the status and performance of their equipment. Examples of this value include allowing for embedded tracking of orders, processing and controls.

This is the beginning of an exciting, multi-year journey and we are excited to continue to share updates as we build this new facility to help make Rexnord Aerospace a unique and quality provider of aerospace products and solutions. 
Stick with us for progress updates and more information as we continue on this journey.

Rexnord Aerospace Team

Rexnord Aerospace

For over 60 years, Rexnord has provided quality bearings, seals, gears and electrical components used in the aerospace industry all over the world. As the premier leader in the supply of highly engineered specialty bearings and mechanical seals, Rexnord products can be found in every aspect of the aerospace industry, from engine systems and flight controls, to landing gear and aircraft structures.