Rexnord Aerospace Opening a New Facility in Chihuahua, MX

We are thrilled to announce that Rexnord Aerospace has begun the process of expanding our operations by opening a production facility in Chihuahua, Mexico. The new facility, which will bring an additional 125,000 sq feet to our operations, will support the significant growth we are experiencing as a result of an increase in product demand and overall recovery of the aerospace market. The state-of-the-art facility keeps sustainability at the forefront by incorporating solar energy to support production needs and other energy efficiency features to drive our net zero carbon footprint goals.

What Does This Mean for Our Customers?

The Chihuahua facility will increase our production capacity to better support the growth of our highly valued customers. This will allow us to increase production, decrease lead times, and get products into our customer’s hands faster. With more hands on deck, our production-to-order process will become more efficient - making doing business with Rexnord Aerospace seamless. Our team is consistently dedicated to investing in customer-driven innovation, continuous improvement, and increasing production capacity to ensure that we offer the best experiences and support to our partners all around the globe – this new facility is just one way we are doing just that.

The Process

Opening a new facility doesn’t happen overnight and though we are very eager to have the building operational, we still have some steps to take until we are there. We want to take you along the journey with us and share the exciting process until the doors are open and we are actively shipping products. As development continues we will be giving updates to major milestones that occur along the way. We invite you to follow along here and on our LinkedIn as we share all of these exciting updates.  

Milestone 1: We Have the Keys!

Rexnord Aerospace accepts keys to Chihuahua, MX Facility

June 1, 2023 - We have acquired the keys to the facility! We officially have access to the finished building and can begin to move full steam ahead on getting operations up and running. Our first employees at this facility have been hired and they are currently in training. Our new team members have shared feedback that they are impressed with our dedication to their success and that our approach is not the standard in the workplace – we are proud to have them as members of the Rexnord Aerospace team and equally as proud that our training program is top notch!

Milestone 2: Machines Are Moving In!

Machines moving into Rexnord Aerospace's Chihuahua, MX Facility

July 24, 2023 –  Another major milestone for Rexnord Aerospace: the new machines are moving in and being installed at the Chihuahua facility. The team is diligently inspecting and onboarding each machine as it is being installed so that we can prepare and begin the qualification process. These machines are crucial to our operations, so it is vital that each machine is running at peak performance. Our team gets more excited with each update as the facility is closer to being ready to go.
Keep following along for the next updates, as we continue on the path to the opening of our Chihuahua Plant!