MicroPrecision (MP) has a broad range of equipment and expertise, which is well-suited to a high-mix type of batch production environment.  A full plant list can be provided.

Our part-sized capacity is driven by the machining required, materials and final dimensions. We encourage early discussions, which include drawings, to offer the optimum manufacturing solution.

MP engineers are familiar with most sub-con processes and perform NDT to NadCap in-house. Other processes are completed using approved sources.

  • Capabilities
    • CNC Gear grinding internal/external
    • CNC universal grinding internal/external
    • CNC Gear Hobbing
    • CNC internal/external thread grinding
    • CNC Gear shaping
    • CNC turning/sliding head
    • CNC Worm Grinding
    • CNC small turned parts
    • Straight Bevel Gear cutting
    • CMM measurement
    • Worms and wheels/racks/bevels
    • Broaching
    • NDT/Nital etch
    • Rotor/Stator Corepack manufacture
    • Prismatic milling/5 axis machining
    • Part marking/Laser marking
    • Lapping
    • Jig grinding
    • Cryogenic Assembly (heat/freeze)
    • Heat treatment, Vacuum Furnace, Stress relieve
  • Materials
    • Various Aero Grade steels
    • Aluminum
    • Stainless steels
    • Beryllium Copper
    • High Tensile Maraging Steels
    • Casting & Forgings
  • Envelope
    • Shafts typically up to 12” (300mm) diameter
    • Shafts typically up to 24” (600mm) long Prismatic: 16” x 12” x 10” (400mm x 300mm x 250mm) diameter

Actual part-size capacity is driven by factors such as material, cutting method and material handling. The best way to assess actual part-size is to have your drawing(s) reviewed.

MicroPrecision has a dedicated temperature-controlled Inspection Department, which is well equipped to ensure all measurements and inspections of associated products can be carried out to the highest standard.

MP has IT and ERP systems that enable us to offer flexibility in scheduling to adapt to customer demands, while also keeping a high level of on-time delivery requirements. We will be glad to provide you further details simply contact us at +44 (0) 144 224 1027.


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