Aircraft Doors

Roller bearings and TFE lined bushings/bearings for passenger and cargo door opening/closing mechanisms.
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Passenger & Cargo Door Bearings

Single- and double-row roller bearings designed to meet the lighter duty requirements for passenger & cargo doors.

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Accessory Door Bearing/Pin

Used in aircraft door applications.

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Door Clutch

Door Clutch bearing allows for low friction, low weight, and lubrication free latch mechanism for passenger doors.

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Door Piston

A self-lubricated zinc-nickel plated piston assembly used in the passenger door mechanism.

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Centering Roller and Bushing Assembly

A self-lubricated Cu-Be roller and bushing assembly used in the latch mechanism of passenger doors.

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Door Stop Pin

A patented pin design that allows misalignment, electrical conductivity, wear resistance, and high load capability to support new higher cabin pressurization levels.

Count on Rexnord Aerospace Bearings

Passenger and cargo door bearings provide minimal wear rates.