Airframe Structures

Roller and sliding bearings for hinge locations on movable surfaces, trailing edge flap and leading edge slat mounting points. Control rod bearings for flap and slat drive systems. Roller and TFE-lined sliding bearings for helicopter main and tail rotor linkage locations.
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Flap Bearings

Located in flight control hinge points, control rods, fuselage connections, doors. Ideal for restricted envelope applications such as flaps.

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Strut Bearings

Used on struts by all major OEMs due their excellent performance.

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Hinge Bearings

Double-row bearings have an angular contact angle designed for handling high radial and thrust loads. Available in variety of sizes.

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Pylon Bearings

Designed and used in wing applications.

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Slat Bearings

Torque tube bearings are ideal for restricted envelope applications such as slats. Can accommodate a narrow width and thin cross section.

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Flap Torque Tube Bearing

Split ball, self-lubricated, Teflon lined design configuration used in wing applications.