Landing Gears

Slotted entry bearings for landing gear trunnion attachment points and various landing gear pivot point locations.
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Trunnion Bearings

Designed for high-impact loads and corrosive environments. Designed to be pivot points to offer fluid movement in a critical area of the LG assemblies.

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Retractor Actuator Bearing

Used in landing gear retractor actuators. Designed to meet customer specifications. Used in high-load oscillatory applications, while providing misalignment tolerance, low friction and long life.

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Drag Brace Bearing

Designed for high-impact loads and corrosive environments to withstand the high tension and compression loads encountered during the landing and takeoff of aircrafts.

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Steering Actuator Bearings

Ideal for restricted envelope applications such as landing gear steering. With a low-roller contact angle, the bearings can accommodate a narrow width and thin cross section.

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Main Landing Gear Trunnion

Lubricated and sealed bearing used in the drag brace to support the main landing gear.

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Nose Landing Gear Retraction Actuator

Lubricated split ball integral design is used in the actuation and retraction of the nose landing gear.

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Outboard Trunnion

Greased, split race bearing designed with anti-rotation locking features.

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Trunnion Bearing

Greased, split ball bearing designed to connect the main landing gear to the aircraft structure.

Why Choose Rexnord Aerospace Bearings?

High load capacity. Corrosion-resistant.