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With more than 40 years of aerospace component testing, the Rexnord Innovation Center provides aerospace customers with product evaluation support. As a third party, independent accredited laboratory, the Innovation Center specializes in technology-driven, research and testing, to improve reliability and efficiency in every aspect of the aerospace industry. State-of-the-art equipment and cutting edge technology keeps the Innovation Center ahead of the curve. With Rexnord Aerospace’s high quality parts installed in your aircraft along with the Innovation Center’s testing and engineering support, you can rest assured our products will meet or exceed the stringent requirements of the application. Applications include: fatigue testing of components, flight control surface bearings, landing gear components, track roller bearings, vibration testing and more. Several more commonly requested services that the Innovation Center has executed in the past are listed below.
Metallurgical Testing/Failure Analysis
Metallurgical analysis uncovers the root cause of component failures. Our scientists utilize Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) to execute in-depth metallurgical analysis of failures and also determine chemical composition through Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS).
Onsite / Field Testing Real-Time Data Collection
Onsite/field testing sets the Innovation Center apart from our competitors. Our field engineers take real-time data on machinery under actual working conditions. Onsite testing provides verification of machine component design.
Innovative Flight Spectrum Simulation Performs Crucial Motion and Load Testing
Our Flight Spectrum Simulation utilizes combined load and motion testing on aerospace components and airframe bearings. Spectrum load and motion testing is used to replicate actual ‘in service’ conditions. Programmed load and motion sequences are performed to identify potential product failures, as well as qualifying product performance.
Temperature and Humidity Testing Simulate Real-Life Conditions
Temperature and humidity testing evaluates products under simulated service conditions. Our temperature testing equipment consists of chambers that can produce temperature extremes from -150° to +1100°F. The Innovation Center also has humidity chambers, salt/fog chambers, and we can perform “at altitude” tests at less than atmospheric pressures.
Vibration/Durability Testing
Durability testing utilizing random, ‘shock and drop’, sine frequency sweep, and windmilling profiles are performed in our vibration test lab. The Innovation Center can recommend a logical vibration and shock test profile, perform the tests and provide assistance in any resulting redesign requirements.
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